about us

Mehrniai Kara Amin Company was opened in Shiraz Special Economic Zone with the registration number 32188 at the beginning of October 2015 under the brand name “Edit”. To play a significant role in the production of healthy and hygienic food for the first time by producing, packaging and distributing all kinds of pasteurized and impurity-free spices.

*This company has a set of top experts in the quality control laboratory, production hall, factory management and distribution office, who work day and night to improve the desired quality.

*Mehrniai Kara Amin company has a production hall in the special economic zone of Shiraz, a distribution office and a warehouse in the city.
which accelerates the distribution of products. One of the unique features of spices is pasteurization, high purity and reasonable price.

*Products in the form of PET (100, 95 and 75 grams) which are suitable for home use and bags (20, 15 and 10 kg) which can be supplied to wholesalers and are designed to meet the needs of customers. The variety of products is also interesting, which includes cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, mixed spices, black and red pepper, thyme, cumin, fennel, cardamom and ………. At
In addition, these spices can be supplied in the form of powder, pen and seeds.

*Mehrnia company has a factory with dimensions of 2000 square meters in the special economic zone of Shiraz, and a distribution office with an area of ​​120 square meters in the city and a warehouse with an area of ​​400 square meters, four Nissan cars and one Isuzu car for distributing products. and has created employment for 100 people indirectly.

*The direction of distribution of products and what makes us different from others is the constant effort to meet the needs of customers and satisfy them through optimal quality along with diversity and understanding the daily needs of customers.

*All the products that can be supplied have a manufacturing health license approved by the Food and Drug Organization and the Health of Medical Sciences, which guarantees the health of our products.

*Also, in addition to producing its own products, this company is cooperating with large companies, including Arin Core (Famila brand).